Do you sometimes imagine what it’d be like to meet your soulmate? Like someone who’d just make you a better human while loving you being a bad human too and who doesn’t just look at your words as words but understands the meaning behind them and who only has to look at you to know that you’re not “okay” and who thinks as deep as you and who hates people too and with whom you can walk past those guys that made fun of you back then you know, the ones that made you feel bad and hate yourself and now you can show them that there’s actually someone who fucking loves you and you can be loners together and give a fuck about everyone and everything together wouldn’t it be just a really nice thing? And sorry I guess my english is wrong but we tumblr people all speak the same language don’t we

I just looked in the mirror and it told me that I’ll be single ‘till I’m rich enough to buy myself a new face as in forever ‘cause I’m poor as fuck and I’m too lazy to do anything about it

Poor and ugly well that was my life

At least I have character

wait, my character is shit

… that’s why no one ever should ask me why I’m single

are u okay

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Winner : Morganalefayy {Best ArMor}
↳ Arthur + Morgana

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You found the light in my darkness and I will never forget that.

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school playlist guys

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10 Day OTP Challenge

Day 10: Your OTP forever

Jim X Melinda from Ghost Whisper/ I will forever love this couple. It’s sweet and sad but still has a happy ending. I absolutely love this couple and you can’t kill love.

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A collage of collages and pics I found on google images of ghost whisperer

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And once you’ve had that kind of love, it never goes away. It just gets stronger.

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